wrong section - should be in recordings

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uhh no it shouldnt, its tabs....

riff A is good A2 is pretty much the same with the added rhythm,
riff B isnt right, the harmony is off key
measure 16 was good, kinda generic
the blast beat at 34 sounds not right, i tihnk the snare should be first then the cymbal/kick drum and not the other way
the breakdown was kinda simple, i like breakdowns like after the burial, august burns red, veil of maya, born of osiris. where its fast. what you have so far is good but you should keep working on it

C4C? please
and why exactly is the harmony off key?
Yes the blast beat, right I'll change that one you got a point there. I'm not so good with drums, that's probably the reason
I'll get to that C4C as soon as I got a comp with GP5