Well I was wondering... Seeing as i got a bugera over the last week, I no longer have a need to use my line 6 spider III 75W. And I was thinking seeing as the resale will be shit, because our bassist only has a small amp and is struggling with the economy as it is.. Would it be possible to put a bass speaker into the amp and give it him as a present?
I was wondering cause I know you're not meant to play a bass through a guitar amp due to the speakers used but is it possible to replace the speakers with bass ones and use it?? Thanks
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Sure but it would sound terrible and would probably not cut through very well...
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Unless its electronic drums.

the EQ on the spiders head would not work nicely. It sounds shit with a guitar, now imagine how it would sound with the EQ focusing on the high strings of the bass, and not worrying about the lows.

If it's not going to cost a lot, u should give it a go and see what happens, cause u'll never know... maybe those old spiders do ahve a use one being quickly replaced?

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