Hello UG

A Question about the Engl Thunder 322:
I read in a review here on the page that:
"It is only missing one feature. There is only one gain knob to control all three channels, meaning that the clean channel is very dirty if engaged during a heavy song, but that doesn't bother me, as I only play metal. The lack of seperate channel EQs only lowers it a couple of points."

Is this true? Would this mean that when playing live and used the footswicht you will have the same EQ and gain setting on all 3 channels? so that you have to turn down the gain on the amp in the middle of a song if you want to have like i more quit part in a heavy song ?

This would seem very lame if it was true.. someone please help me out here? I m quit close to buying this amp, so i need to know =P.

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