Hi All, new to the site, thanks for having me. I recently bought an Ibanez ART100 on sale (needed something with humbuckers to complement my Strat). It's correct open and fretted at the 12th fret but everything inbetween is out of tune. Is this a manufacturing flaw or a setup problem and what can I do to fix it?
Does not make any sense, Nut to high ? Strings to high. Take it back and let someone have a look at it.
All six strings are sharp a few bars on my korg tuner, a different amount at each fret. Barre chords can sound OK (equally out of tune on strings) but open chords do not sound great. Ironically it took me a couple months to figure out as I don't play it as often.
no fretted note will be absolutely perfectly in tune even if the intonation is perfect the only way to achieve the perfection you are looking for is by using the true temperament system. which is very expensive and requires a new neck to be fitted to your guitar.

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But my ~$500 MIM Powerhouse Strat does not show this problem. It doesn't sound likely that at this price (strat) that it uses the true temperament system.
Does it perhaps have jumbo frets compared to your Strat? They take some getting used to in order to learn not to press too hard.
I pressed very lightly when checking the tuning. The confusing thing is that at open and 12 it's right but shouldn't be at 12 if it's technique.
Have you replaced the strings? Sounds silly, but they can be a culprit.

How's the relief? If you have a ton of bow, that could cause it. The truss rod affects more the middle of the neck, and by the 12th, the truss rod is not as much in effect. So Nut & 12th could be in better intonation than anywhere in between.

As was pointed out, unless you have a compensated fretboard, if you are checking each fret with a tuner and expecting precision, you won't get it.

Did you buy it at a store? Maybe they could do a set up for you.