Its kinda related to building and customising, so I though here would be the best place to ask this question.
I've been looking around for a Sunn Solarus head to buy, but I can only find the schematics for it, which is a bit lame. Ive thought about going to my music shop and asking if they'll build me one, but i seriously doubt they will, and they're closing down soon anyway.
Are there companies in the UK that build amps to order, without a massivemassive pricetag? What can I expect to pay? Or like, do people on this forum do commissions and things like that? I'd have a go myself, but I'd electrocute myself and die. The symbols and stuff are way over my head

Any information would help lots
I'de PM this guy,


Not sure how much he builds amps but hes the only person I can think of.

Chances are amp commissions will be expensive where ever you go.

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Chances are you aren't going to find someone who can build an amp for a whole lot cheaper than you can buy one. It takes a lot of time and manufacturing (metal and wood fabrication) to build and amp which usually = a lot of labor $. Amp companies can sell them a lot cheaper due to overseas manufacturing and/or bulk purchasing among other things that I can't think of right now.

That's not to say there isn't overpriced amps out there that could be built cheaper though. My Soldano Astroverb for instance could probably be built for way under the $1200 price tag.