So I have a american strat, and I was wondering how to wear down the finish on my guitar (without tools and whatever) -

so strictly by playing, like should I not use a microfiber polishing cloth when I'm done, and not wipe down the finish (cause otherwise it'll get sticky) but I suppose I can wipe down the sticky stuff whenever though

so -any tips or suggestion on how to wear down the finish (if it matters at all, the guitar is black, and I've heard black american strats don't wear down, even in the course of 40+ years)

The newer strats are rediculously hard to wear down. Fender started using a poly finish instead of nitro a long time ago which is basically bulletproof lol. If the look you want is like Clapton's Blackie or something similar, you won't get it without tools nowadays.
Stock American stratocasters come with a relatively thick lacquer that doesn't wear off easily instead of nitrocellulose, so you're either going to have to beat the absolute crap out of it when you play (SRV style...) or use some tools and get a fake relic going. If you gig a lot with it that should help, but if you're just playing in your house, it will take some time.
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