My band is looking to tour in the near future when we finish the new EP we're working on, but we don't know of many venues. We're from the Ventura County area, but we're willing to travel to pretty much anywhere on the west coast.

Our myspace is in my sig.

Any venue suggestions?
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Soma in San Diego is a GREAT venue. I've seen a ton of punk bands there, a ton of hardcore bands, and some really big acts too like The White Stripes. I've also played it, and its not too hard to book!
Chain Reaction in Aneheim
It's a stretch between San Fran and any decent venue in Oregon but you could hit up Carlson Productions and set up a show at the Riversdale Grange (about 3 hours south of portland). It would be a REALLY small show though probably.
You've got the WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon
You best bet in Portland would be the Satyricon
this little place called the che cafe down in san diego. its some vegan cafe but they have had some pretty sick hardcore and punk bands play there.
If you guys somehow make it to Washington, there are a couple good venues in Ellensburg, and North Town Coffee in Yakima.