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A Question about the Engl Thunder 322:
I read in a review here on the page that:
"It is only missing one feature. There is only one gain knob to control all three channels, meaning that the clean channel is very dirty if engaged during a heavy song, but that doesn't bother me, as I only play metal. The lack of seperate channel EQs only lowers it a couple of points."

Is this true? Would this mean that when playing live and used the footswicht you will have the same EQ and gain setting on all 3 channels? so that you have to turn down the gain on the amp in the middle of a song if you want to have like i more quit part in a heavy song ?

This would seem very lame if it was true.. someone please help me out here? I m quit close to buying this amp, so i need to know =P.

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I don't know about the Thunder, but with my fireball it only has one gain knob for both channels. Even having the gain knob at like 10-11 o clock has enough gain though, easily along the lines of chainheart/predators portrait era soilwork amounts of gain. I was originally a little put off of the amp because of that, but ENGL's are very well designed and engineered machines, I know the thunder doesn't have as much gain as the fireball, but it still might have enough for what you need it for. Theres always the option of rolling back your volume knob too.

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