Man, I really need help figuring this out.

3 ideas.

So I'm improvising over a classic I-IV-V in A Major...You know...a blues setting.
As I learned as a beginner, I just plopped in the A minor pentatonic, which sounds great as expected.
I know people like BB King like to connect the Major and Minor pentatonic scale to get really tasty in their playing and I try to and it just doesn't quite flow seamlessly. It sounds like exactly what I'm doing...trying to force a different scale/set of notes to sound good. When is a good time to change from Maj-min pentatonic in music?

Also, when I'm playing A maj Penta over the I chord and it switches to the IV, I try to play the D Major pentatonic but they just don't connect well. The only way I've had this work for me is if I played A Mixo licks over the I, D Mix over the IV, and E Mixo over the V. Should I try to remember where the chord tones are for the chord I'm playing over and adapt to them? It's hard to remember on guitar. I guess that's where learning arpeggios helps. Not for speed, but for taste.

Lastly. Using different pentatonics over chord.
A guitarist learns to use the A Minor pentatonic over a song in that key when they first begin to learn lead. This means the A minor is being played over an A minor, D Minor, and E Minor. What other instances does this work and how can I find those cases?

I'm really trying to polish up my lead and rhythmic variation help a lot but these tasty things do also so if anyone could help it would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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When is a good time to change from Maj-min pentatonic in music?

over dominant 7ths.
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