Dug it! The riff does sound like it belongs in a Biker Movie, I imagined it in Mad Max actually, which is pretty close. Woulda liked it breakneck fast, but even still I dug it, the riff was my cup of tea, and the guitar sound was nice too, albeit a tad bassy (although my speakers are bass oriented so everything is bassy). The lead tone was nice, too, did you improvise?

In other news...

I've listened to your Holy Wars cover like 4 times by now, and the Helpless cover, both are epic!! You gotta cover Sucking My Love!!
I think it would have been amazing like 60 bpm faster but its still pretty awesome and pwerful. It felt like a pantera-esque riffing to me... it was pretty good.

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...did you improvise?
....You gotta cover Sucking My Love!!

Yep, the whole thing was improvised, one shot deal dude, skanks alot!

What's "Sucking My Love"?? lol

I suppose I'll have to look it up eh Sami.
I really enjoyed those 47 seconds haha. It had a really nice groove and the lead was pretty good. And you say it (the lead) was improvised, right? It was well mixed, too. I liked the panning effect for the intro. It would fit very nice in a biker scene as others have said haha. Overall, very nice song!

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That was really cool. It would've been fun to listen to it speeded up too. Make it thrashy haha :P Really nice leads too, I love to improvise myself. I do it live every time Strap on a helmet and make some more haha =D

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yea i agree with the pantera-eque for the heavier rythm part. Def an older style tone/feel. I liked the contrast in tones, really separated them well kept it from gettin mudded together. The intro riff on the lead pretty cool. Just seemed to fit so well to me.

Some other good stuff on there too, overall good playing on all the stuff. Sounded well articulated and crisp. One of the things im still tryin to work on, lol...i get a lil sloppy playin over my finger speed sometimes, haha.

Really likin the metal improvisation one as well, some pretty cool parts in there, lol. Stuff im not sure id think of!

Keep it up!