"ONE MICROPHONE", I can hear you shout, "WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO WITH JUST ONE MICROPHONE???" Thats what this challenge is all about. You are limited to one microphone on any instrument you record, and if you use any software instruments, programmed drums, or DI ANYTHING you need to make note of it. Now, this might seem much easier to you. But you'll also need to include a track that REMOVES any software/program/and DI. Its essentially a treatise on proper mic placement, as well as a proof that you can make amazing music with only one microphone at your disposal.

*note any software/program/DI
*Include a mix that removes these
*Describe what microphone you've used and your placements
*Have a s***load of fun

Get crackin'
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The Honorable List of Attemptees:

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i would love to participate, because this sounds like stuff i've done before! only problem is that i don't own a microphone...
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I have a song which fits this category..
It's called the hunted. Just the one u87 for everything.

listen here

The hunted.. and Raindrop also is just one u87, but it's a single acoustic guitar song so that's not really so exciting...
finished mine, i just used a dcr-sr67 sony handycam, no editions.
here it's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ale5aVXhcb0
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I guess this thread's kinda dead, but every song on my profile is recorded with one microphone. Check out Good Times Bad Times! The mic is a Zoom H2, I have lots of trouble recording the drums well with it, especially since I'm in about the worst room for recording drums ever. still better than using digital drums, **** that.
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