So uhm. This is really one of the more different songs I have written. Currently I am looking to write a song to close out the album for my band, so I tried to include a bit of everything from every other song that made the cut.

Not sure about this one. I experimented with a few things, tried my own take a long, sweepy (slow paced) sweep pick. And have a little jazzy 3 bar piece at the end, because I want to end it all in a kind of "quirky" way.

But all in all, there's almost no bass (I usually intricately write the basslines, because I want them to be perfect, as I am the bassist :P) but everything else in the song is completed.

Hopefully the drums sound alright. I literally made that drum track in a few hours. But I had the basic mindset of what I wanted them to be like already set in my mind.

I wish I could record my vocals in guitar pro, also. Because, well, I am going away from the death metal approach on my vocals, to a more heavy metal style (similar to James Hetfield of Metallica)

Thank youh!

Oh, by the way, C4C.
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A little too dissonant for my tastes, but fairly well written.

The main riff is screaming "Play a B5 chord in me somewhere!"

Feels like a little more polishing is needed to me.

The ending feels like an afterthought, but if you want to make it fit within the key better, I'm sure that would help.

4/5 for its style of music.
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Much improved over the last one, IMO. You mentioned James Hetfield, and now the whole thing is screaming 'Metallica!' at me. In a good way. This actually addressed all the issues I brought up in my crit of your other song. All the riffs work together well, the rhythm guitars strengthen the lead, and nothing feels monotonous. The only suggestion I'd make would be when the second guitar starts playing the lead at bar 95, make that into a harmony, it'd break up what little monotony there is in that part, I think.
Hey dude, thanks for your kind feedback, it is of great use to me.

I really like your song. Now I am a "fan" of disonnant music, I like the twist it brings to the ear. You did a good job on this. I like the lead parts with chorus, it really makes it stand out. I was less fond of the solo though, don't really know why. Perhaps a more melodical approach would work for me.

The ending is so incredibly badass! It's so weird, strange, it should not fit the song but for me it does. Probably since the whole song is leaning towards that disonance-ish feel. I really like your originality! Good job