hi guys ive been playing guitar for a about a year and a half i have a standard strat and a fender acoustic lately ive been wanting to place a pickup in my acoustic i want one that allows connection through the bottom strat button im sorta on a budget would any of these be good choices if im way off just tell me =) thx



Anything AXL sucks except their Guardian bags.

As for the other two, I've never heard of the second one, and you definitely want to stay away from generic stuff like the third.
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i personally thing these are overpriced
i made one out of a couple a peizo buzzers and a guitar jack and it sounds just as good or better than some of these
and it only costs about 7 bucks
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get a soundhole pickup. I've got a fishman rare earth, but they are over $100, so that might be out of your price range. Undersaddle pickups are the better choice, but usually require professional installation. Try and find a cheap soundhole pickup, but don't buy the cheapest. Buying the cheapest of anything is usually a waste of money.