the song is called "One Tale, Two Cities" and there are still a few kinks with how pieces come together. I want input on the riffs and organization. The drums are pretty much just loops I made so I will change those later so please don't comment on them
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sounds quite a lot like early four year strong, where the riffs come together really well and although sometimes very different, come together well. I really liked the little synth bit too, haha, nice touch.

i think you've done a really good job of it, some nice dual vocals, a la four year strong would sound really awesome over this, were you planning on doing any?

not to be rude or anything, but would you mind critting one of my recordings? if you feel like it, they're in my profile, but theyre really nothign special, just some acoustic covers i've thrown together in my home studio.

good job with the song anyway bro, i really enjoyed it
That was a really interesting mix of styles/sounds. the synth totally caught me off guard and i enjoyed it, seemed very euro-pop/techno to me but still had the heavy riffing. I thought the song really picked up around 1:20 and I became much more interested.

The part right after the synth part i really enjoyed. It's only 1:53-2:00.I think there still might be a layer of synth but it's a bit lower in the mix, but mixed with the guitar and the way it was all played, it almost feels like it's rising with all this power behind it, subsiding for a second them coming right back up like with all this weight behind it, like i picture a green wave type thing sort of surging up really quickly and staying there, lowering, then shooting back up and just sort of sustaining itself with each chord, haha, that's just what i pictured, i really like that part. and I think it should come up later in the song? I'm not sure if it does again.

Also love the chord changes from 2:59-3:08, that part comes in other parts of the song too though.

There were some parts near the end that felt a bit thrown in, or I didn't enjoy them as much, from 3:08-End. I like the one chorus type riff with the sort of bright lightning guitar thing thats scattered through the song... I would personally throw that part in again in the end and add a lot of synth and make it as epic/big sounding as I could. That's just me though.

Some of it, mainly before the synth part wasnt really my style, but once the synth part hit it grasped me and I sort of "got" the vibe of the song, and enjoyed the rest of it, just until those last 30 or so seconds, which to me could stand to be a bit more interesting.

Anyways, good stuff keep it up!
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Great song from start to finish. Harmonies sound great, riffs are great and the drums aren't quite your standard pop punk beat. I especially like the triplet parts thrown around, works really well to break up the speed of the song. As mentioned by Three11Rules, it really picks up around 1:20 and the synth doesn't sound tacky at all. Out of curiosity, how long did you spend mixing this and what program did you use for the drums?

Very four year strong like. Vocals will definitely help but as is, it sounds like it all fits well together and got cool riffs in there.

How did you do the synth? VST (which? :P) + midi keyboard?
Hey, thanks for the crit see you kay dee seven ex dash aye two dash. I'm just gonna call you KD....ok?

I really like your overall mix so far. I like the way the song starts with the bass, then the guitar harmonies..ect...really cool.

I'm not sure if you have vocals planned for this, but I can see this as a instrumental, easily. With maybe some blistering leads here and there maybe? I'm biased though. (It's one of those song that makes me want to solo over at breakneck speed!)

Another thing is maybe change up the drums a little, (but you already mentioned you have other plans for the drums?)

There's not much more I can think of right now.

Awesomely put together man. I liked.
Just for reference, I spent about 3 hours total with the recording/mastering(all though I wouldn't exactly call it 'mastering') and I use Logic Express 8. The name of the synth was Miami Lead and I think it used the Logic ESX24 Synth. The drums are also just a plug-in that came with Logic.
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I guess I'm kind of like a hippie. I'm anti-war, do drugs, and like communism.
Your not a hippie, just a ****ing moron.