I basically want to sell 90% of my gear and start from scratch.. Just keeping it simple.

I still have all the original boxes

LTD H-201 £300 (old and discontinued. Still works perfectly, a few minor bumps on the back)
Blackstar HT5 Head £200 (its brand new barely used)
BBE Sonic Stomp £50 (used once)
Korg AX3000G £100 (new barely used)
M-Audio Fast Track £30 (new)
Pod X3 £100 (still not sure if I want to sell this, as it's good for bass)

I'm just seeing if theres any interest first. I'll get pictures tomorrow.
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Whereabouts are you? Are you willing to post?

I might be interested in the X3.

I'm perfectly happy with posting. I'll go 50/50 on shipping with buyers.

Mull it over. I'm not entirely sure whether or not I fancy selling it just yet.
Where are you guys from?

If you're both interested in buying then I'll sell to the person who's based in England. If you both are then we need to find a way to settle who gets it.
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I'm from the UK, postage included?

It's small enough to fit into a packet so postage will probably be £2-4. Like I said, I'll split the postage with people so if it is £4, I'll ask for £32 off of you.

Let me just find out what the cost will be and I'll get back to you.
I'm also interested in trades.

I'm looking for a decent noise gate, so if you have one and fancy trading for the BBE or anything else then give us a shout
Shit.. Sorry for double post. I'm sorry I've been a little delayed on postage costs, I'm waiting until I have some packing paper to wrap it up ready for sale but before getting quotes.

I'm going to send stuff in their original boxes rather than bigger boxes as guitar stuff usually comes with adequate packaging with good protection inside.

I'm also going to label them as fragile to ensure safety.
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Hey, so how much is the Pod including postage?

Yeah man I'll get a qoute for you now. Can you PM me a postcode?
Definitely interested in the fast track, for its asking price.

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Would you be willing to ship to India?
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I think I'm annoying people because I won't get off my fat ass and get some paackaging material

I know people want my shit and I want to sell it. Keep a lookout I might get some this year.
Hey man, whats the spec's on the blackstar and got any pics?
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what do plan on doing with 780 pounds?
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Quote by rushpython
what do plan on doing with 780 pounds?

I'm changing up my gear to a whole new setup. I like to do that every couple of years.

If this thread is active I just wanna say that I'm not selling the HT5 anymore. But everything else is still for sale (minus the Korg which has been sold).