I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with any of them, things like the Distortion plus seem to have a good reputation but I don't hear of them often. Maybe people just think MXR stuff looks a little boring, very clean and functional.

I'm just curious as to what these pedals are good for and the like.
the distortion+ was the mainstay of 70's & 80's rock & metal. the things last forever.
the original script logo boxes go for a pretty penny on ebay but totally worth it.
I'm not looking for anything in particular, these pedals just seemed quite interesting as a contrast to my Laney VC30's overdrive.

The distortion plus and distortion III were the ones which caught my eye, so I was just wondering what people think of them.
I love my distortion III its the only pedal i would re-buy if i lost it. It tightens everything up nice and pushes my amp just enough with how i have it set
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I love my wylde overdrive, it's pretty awesome, don't let the wylde name fool you, it's not only good for metal but it will do blues and a crunch hard rock tone.
Although you do need a decent british voiced tube amp to really hear it's potential, as it was designed for stacking on top of a already dirty jcm800
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I was looking at the D3 myself

It apparently has a built in compressor effect also, so if you need distortion and compression, its def. a plus

I prefer Fuzz over Distortion myself tho

Speaking of which, anyone try the MXR Classic Fuzz? It nail Hendrix tones well?
The Distortion+ has had multiple permutations. I have a newer one and it's tinny crap.

I just picked up the MXR Classic Overdrive from GC for $30. I believe it's a custom model made for GC. It sounds very good. They may still be available in the store or online.

edit: Just checked online and it's been pulled. Was there a couple days ago.