Hey guys! I need a help. I had two proposes for trade my Fender Stratocaster MIJ '90 . A Burny RLC80 w/Floyd Rose or a Ibanez RG7620. I really like the Ibanez RG7620 (i already had one), but i love the look of the Burny and they have a Fernandes Sustainer, but never tried them. I want a guitar for rock/metal. Could you guys give me a help?
Cheers from Portugal!
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Yes i had a RG7620 and loved it too . But in my opinion it's a (only) metal guitar, maybe the burny would be more versatible? More opinion guys?
I have Burny LPs and Ibanez RG7620s and they're so different! I know you can buy the 7620 for a little scratch while you'll pay a bit more for the Burny, if it's also MIJ.

If you can score a used Burny, that model specifically, and for a nice discount, you can then buy the 7620 later.

You obviously need both!

IpponEdit: Trade your Strat for the Burny, then buy the 7620!

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It's hard to play at the upper frets on a les paul custom like the burny?
wow that burny is nice looking! i think i'd go for that. les paul's aren't my first choice, but that thing looks amazing and i think i'd go for that way before i'd go for a 7 string. if you liked 7 strings obviously you'd have a very different oppinion but thats my thought on it
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