I'm kinda casually into the Ramones at the moment, and then started looking at buying some albums, put their name into iTunes (I'm not actually planning to buy from iTunes, I just use it for an easy reference, I like having the actual CD), but the results were a little overwhelming, I had no idea where to start. So can someone point me in the right direction? Or is this just one of those rare cases where a greatest hits record would be my best bet and then branch out from there? Thanks
In order of popularity I'd say it goes

1. Self-titled
2. Rocket to Russia
3. Leave Home
4. Probably a tie between Road to Ruin and Too Tough to Die (get both)
5. The rest

Incidentally, 1-4 are the albums I have. I need to get the rest!
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Ha alright, thanks for the quick response guys, I'll look into the self-titled record and Rocket to Russia for now, and move on from there, thanks!
I need to get Too Tough to Die. Werty keeps hyping it up, and I love Road to Ruin, so if it's on par with that I definitely gotta grab it.
I'm gonna own all their albums at some point - something I'm doing more for the novelty than the fact that I think every album is going to be amazing. Anyway, go in werty's order.
The self-titled is absolutely phenomenal. They're all very good, actually. Very consistent band.
Yep, I have all the studio albums and they're all great.

If you're going to go with a comp, pick Ramones Mania, because it's got all the accessible songs on it.

If you want stuff from the first 3 albums, I'd recommend It's Alive. It's a live album, but the quality is very good.

My favourite album is Leave Home, I think.
Yeah, Self titled and Leave home are two very good albums.

I'd also recomend 'End of the Century'. minus the ****ing up the Phil Spector did in some of the songs, it is actually quite an enjoyable CD.

then there is the general 'Compilation' albums, of which I would recomend 'Greatest Hits' as it has about 21-22 of their greatest songs (Albeit it's kinda hard to say what is their best, they've had so many).

Live album, I agree with BrianApocalypse, It's Alive is definately the better of the two.

happy listening bro =)
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All of them.

But if only one, definitely self titled. Then Rocket to Russia, then Road to Ruin.

It's Alive as well.
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