I found an RG560 for sale for $250 at a Goodwill here and am basically wondering if it's worth the price.

Currently I only have a cheap Ibanez GRG and a strat knockoff that each were under $100 so I do need to upgrade.

The RG560 is (unfortunately) just a glossy black, so no special look, but that's not the important factor I guess. Original H/S/S pickups and a Floyd Rose trem.

I haven't been able to find too much about them and what they're worth now, so was hoping UG could help me some.

I'm considering calling to ask about the serial number to date it soon too.
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Please check it out? ;D

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I tried it as much as I could in store and everything seemed working well, good action, and so on, just needed a bit of a cleaning, haha.
Arms Of Empire
^ ^ ^ Band I am involved in ^ ^ ^
Please check it out? ;D

Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
yes! MIJ RG for $250?! absolutely. they won't disappoint. those are seriously cool guitars, the original edge is a monster of a trem unit, and the quality is basically the same as modern prestige models (as long as it's been taken care of). to be honest i've always liked the feel of the older ibanez's more than the new ones.
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Definitely get it!
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Let me just tell you... YES!!! For ****'s sake, those are really amazing, and if it's in as good a state as you say it is, it's more than worth it.

You're basically getting a modern day RG Prestige for the price of a starter Squier. Do it, or tell me where it is so I can get it myself.