Hey everyone i was hoping to get some help on here. Im looking to get a good od pedal to go with my mesa boogie rectoverb and gibson studio silverburst. I play everything like blink, godsmack, breaking ben, stp, green day ,tommy twotone, taking back sunday,lit,fuel,tom petty, and many more.. i was looking at boss od3 but wondering if any one has any other suggestions. thanks for the help
There are many overdrives but a lot of them are based off TS808's or TS9's or just Ibanez Tubescreamers in general. Maxon OD808's are good I've heard and so are TS9's. I personally own a Menatone Red Snapper that I bought from a friend and I've loved it. It retains bass unlike normal tubescreamers. A lot of people mod their overdrives too, lots of options man.

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