I have a microphone....do I need some type of interface, do I need to use a computer... give me the steps in recording a song, thank you.
If you have an electric, you can 1) mic up your amp, or 2) ^^ and get an interface.

I have a Shure mic... so what do I do, exactly, with it? I have it set up in the middle of the amp.....there has to be something that I have to plug the microphone in so it records the song, right?

All I have right now is my guitar gear and microphone...and a computer is I need it.
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I have a Shure mic...

An SM57?
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Guitar is what i am recording...i plan to record anything from clean to classic rock....i do not have an interface, which is a good one to use? best bang for the buck, because i am alittle straped for cash
what is strapped for cash? can you throw out $100? $50?

to start with, download reaper. it isnt free, but the demo isnt crippled and never expires. you never have to pay for it, but a license is $60 so i suggest saving up and paying for it eventually. worth it, especially since those guys are awesome.

next, decide if you amp is actually worth recording. if it is, you will need an interface with an xlr input (assuming you have a propper mic). decent ones to start with are typically a bit over $100, but you can score some used for less. if you dont want to mic your amp, grab this. still around $100, but the amp modelling software it comes with is supposed to be damn nice. just plug the guitar in and play.
I have a nice tube amp that ill be using...

so i buy one of those interfaces...and plug my mic into that? and then the interface into my computer? then play and record?