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Question is simple: Have you ever sleepwalked in your life?

I used to sleepwalk tons when I was little. I would run around the house, punch random objects, etc. When I lived in Mexico for a while, the people that I was living with called in a priest to banish the demons from my room that were making me sleepwalk

Anyone else?
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Nope. But the concept fascinates me.
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I did it when I was younger. Apparently one time I walked into my mother's room and stood by her bed for 5 minutes staring her down.
One time I went to bed with boxers on, and when I woke up they were off. I don't think it was as much sleepwalking as it was me just having that much game.
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When I was 11.

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I have a friend from boy scouts that has to tie himself to the tent at night in the hopes that, if he sleep walks, he brings down the tent and alerts us.
Its rather unfortunate.
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Or at least, my mum said that one night I woke her up, then purposely headbutted her and then just went back to sleep in front of her (as in, stopped sleepwalking), before I was taken back to bed

EDIT: ^ he's just looking for an excuse to tie himself up

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Sometimes when I get exhausted enough from sleep deprivation, I sometimes find myself standing or sitting places I'm not sure how I got to. Kinda like a blackout. Not sure if that counts.
Oh God, I used to when I was younger. I would always walk into my parents room and stand over their bed, just staring. A lot like that chick in Paranormal Activity, actually. That and I'd try to get into our locked basement a few times.
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some kid on omegle told me last night that ambien (the pill) will make you sleepwalk almost without fail...

not that i endorse omegle or taking ambien... <.<

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If I have, I had the good sense to go back to bed before I woke up.
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I don't. but my friend fights objects in his sleep. He woke me once to him kick boxing my Closet. He later in the day asked my why his knuckles were bruised and his foot hurt.I still have the dents on the door to prove it to people.
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Yeah. Apparently a few times I walked up to my parents room, opened the door, started mumbling something then walked away and went back to sleep. I'd also wake up after having tried to get out of bed, but ended up getting stuck in the blanket which was tucked into the bed. So I was sleeping while suspended off the ground

I've also had entire conversations while asleep (that one's scary).

And when I was staying at my cousin's house after thanksgiving, I started screaming while I was asleep. I don't think I was having nightmares either
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yeah i used to all the time when i was younger.

i actually remember bits and pieces of a few of the times. it was sort of like i was just watching what was going on, but had no control over my body or what i was doing/saying.
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I would lean up and talk in my sleep when I was younger.
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One time, apparently, I got out of bed and started jumping around and shouting it's party time. wtf??

The most recent time was about a few weeks ago, when I got up, had a shower and started getting dressed. I checked the time and it was 5:00 in the morning; so I went back to sleep.
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Yup. This one time, my family was vacationing down in Florida when I was about 10 years old or so. My parents said that they heard me scream at the top of my lungs and run straight out the front door. I wandered around lost for a little bit and my parents had no idea where I was. I still have no recollection of the event at all and I don't even know how I got back to where we were staying. I was pretty freaked out when they told me about it the next morning though.

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not that i know of
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Lol. Apparently one time I started ice fishing in a window well. Got pissed and told my mom "there are no catches at this time in the morning".

...which totally makes sense. Why would the fish be swimming in the window well at 3 AM? Bitches need their sleep too.
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i did when i was little. in fact, i sleep-swam.

to this day i sleep-talk.

sit bolt upright in bead at scream something random (apparently)

i way apparently, because i never remember it.
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no. but apparently i called my mom a "leg hair bitch" in my sleep once.
im not sure how it relates, but i thought you guys should know just a little bit about who i am.

I have woken up standing in my room staring at a wall a few times..

That must be a sight for others.
According to my mom, I did.

I was 8 years old at the time. We were on vacation, in a hotel room. All of the beds and cots were taken by the rest of the people in my family, so I had to get the couch.

Apparently, I started sleepwalking and went over to my parents' bed. I pushed my dad out of the bed, and then slept on that bed.

It sounds hard to believe, but I do remember waking up in a completely different room.

EDIT: As for right now, I tend to move around a LOT while I am sleeping. There have been several times where I woke up and noticed my pillow on the opposite side of the room.
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I once ate 2 slices of pizza while sleep walking. My mom had heated it up while I was sleeping on the couch, and I managed to walk over to the oven, take the pizza out, and eat both slices while being completely unaware of what was going on.

Then when I woke up, my mom tells me I was sleep walking and I managed to eat while doing so. I dont remember anything, but I did have the taste of pizza in my mouth when I woke up lol.
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no but i often wake up with scratches all over me, i must get itchy in my sleep
now extra flamey
I used to when I was in my early teens. Don't any more though, and I nver did any thing funny
Yeah I still do quite a bit, just last week i walked into a wall and woke myself up. I have been woken up so many times now that it doesnt even bother me.
No. Not in the sense that I didn't know what I was doing. There were a few times where I've woken up and got out of bed and started doing things only to realize it was like 2am.

I was always aware of what was going on though, and I remembered doing the things I did. Like once I woke up and thought it was the morning so I was about to get a shower when my dad saw me and pointed out that it was like 3am.

I don't think that's technically sleep walking, but I could be wrong. It's only happened like 3 times maybe.
I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was little. When I was 7 we were on a road trip and we stopped for gas. I was sleeping in the back so my parents left me in there while they were buying stuff. Apparently I went in the store and told them I was hungry, then I got back in the car.

I don't sleepwalk now but I talk in my sleep a lot.
When I was young (like, 5-6), I apparently walked into my grandparents room, picked up a gold bowl full of keys and whatnot, put it on the cutting board in my kitchen, and then I picked up a big ass knife and was apparently about to try to cut the bowl before my grandfather was like "Yeah... No." and stopped me and carried me back to bed.

I also used to sleep-talk. When I was like, 13-14, my friend and his little brother used to spend the night on weekends a lot, and his little brother stayed awake longer then us, and according to him, while we were sleeping, my friend kept asking me what time it was, and I kept asking him what he was talking about, like him asking "What time is it..." was the same as asking "Do my eyebrows jump into blue when I walk backwards?"
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I've only ever sleepwalked at my grandparents house, and even then I don't think it counts. I usually just stand up on my bed and fall down when I wake up. It's weird.

I do talk in my sleep a lot though.
yes, from my room to my grandpas's room, i did that 10million times when i was a kidd and i also talk a lot while sleeping, people tell me that
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