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All Time Low was good at first.Now they're more like All Time Blow.

Well done, you can copy what it says in a video of them.
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Haha, owned!
U win fender.

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teacher- Some slave owners would fight duels using their slaves
Me- So, sort of like Pokemon with people..Black man, I choose you!
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Discuss, I saw somewhere there were All Time Low threads but see none so here it is!

There is literally one right below this one on the frontpage right now.
ONE of these threads is almost too much.

I absolutely love All Time Low. I think the music they produce is incredible, and the lyrics are even better. In fact, it was Zack Merrick (Bass) that inspired me to start playing the bass. I genuinely do think they are the best band in the world at the moment, and thats coming from a really big Metallica fan...
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