Hey Guys,
I know at first this is going to sound kind of stupid, I just wanted to get some of your opinions.
I have the possibility to pick up a modded usa ~2001 Fender Twin for a really good price.
I've been looking to sell the amp that i have now for a while, and this deal might be too good to pass up.
If i sell the amp i have now, i'd be picking up a keeley ts-808 and a delay (idk which type yet) to go with the twin.
My gear as of now is in my sig.
I play mostly John Mayer style blues and Matchbox 20 style rock, but i do also play many sessions for various genres, including country, pop, and rock.
I know it might seem like a no-brainer, but I have never really felt that a fender amp was "me", if that helps.
Please give me some opinions.
Other amps ive been looking at include the bogner shiva 2x12, mesa lonestar, and two rock reverb signature (least likey)
Thanks alot!
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Well, for what you play you definitely need a different amp. How is the Twin been modded? That sounds like a good catch but you are just going to have to play it first? Will that be possible? What is on your craigslist? The only Bogner I've played is an Alchemist but I have played the Lonestar. That is obviously a nice amp.

I would also consider an Egnater Tweaker and an Egnater Renegade. I've played both and they are fantastic amps.

Can you determine for yourself if you like the tone characteristics of 6L6 power tubes vs EL34 power tubes? In general.