Quote by MikeHYA
I want to build this guitar.

But i dont know how to get an accurate shape for the body and headstock without templates ( I imagine finding a template for that is going to be a lengthy process). How would I start this is I was going to design it from a picture??

If you really want to build that, find the biggest picture you can find of it (it'll have to be a picture that's taken straight on at the guitar, not an angle like the picture you've linked to).

Print the picture out and then enlarge it either by scanning it to photo editing software or photocopy to 1:1 scale using the 24th fret or string spacing (E to E) at the bridge as a scale guide.
Scale picture to size using known dimensions (pickup width, fret distances), then print the scaled picture.....use that to make your own templates.
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Quote by danny_plantain
why build it, you can buy them.

Unless I'm mistaken, those are pretty expensive, aren't they? Plus, building is a fun and rewarding experience.

If you ever decide you want that ZZTop furry guitar, I'de build it for you for cost ha. I've been wanting to build one forever.
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