hey guys ive been playing for a while now i gueess about 3 years and im starting to play like killswitch engage mostly bands that play those lower string pinch harmonics im having trouble making mine like that i can barely do them and wondering how they do it like that do you guys have any techinques to practice them any certain fret positions?
Pinch harmonics are pretty hard. They take a lot of practice to hit them like Adam D can.

But, play with a lot of gain on the lead channel. High output pickups will help too.
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When you go to do the harmonic try and exaggerate your hand motion or maybe try adding some more gain. I use a compressor sometimes to help get those bottom string pinch harmonics. Also helps with sustain as well.
Here's the secret - and it's not all that hard. Get the distance from the end of your pick almost even with your thumb. As you hit the string - any string any fret, you almost want to push the pick down into the string. As the the pick leaves the string, it must immediately pop the thumb. The thumb momentarily touches the string and kills the fundamental frequency of the note, leaving a harmonic. The thumb contact must be quick - if it stays on the string too long, it will totally mute the note.
That's not really a "secret" because that's how to do them.
A secret would be more like saying you should use higher gain or something along those lines.
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I just leaned how to do them I tried by picking and the tip of my thumb that did not work so then I made my pick tip and palm of y hand parrell to the strig and hit the string with the pick then my palm really fast so I did not mute it and wall I did itu don't get the digging in shit so my way works fine now the hard
Part playing riffs then trying it takes setup soo I might just need to practice thanksnfor your help guys
use a lot of gain, and generally the bridge pick up will make them easier to hit (for me anyway)

you need to kinda have the side of your thumb above the tip of the pick, and when you pick, try and angle it, and dig.
it's easier to do on maybe the 3rd or 4th string

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You just have to work out a way that works for you, you just have to scrape your thumb on the string just after the pick.

EDIT: USE GAIN! LOTS OF GAIN!. Then slowly start to turn it down, then eventually do pinch harmonics on acoustic guitars, if you can do that you're insane
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