Hello to everyone my name is Rino, I'm an Italian boy of 30 years, and I play electric guitar for 10 years. I studied first in Rome, then Florence and some abroad in Spain in particular, I am now planning a guitar school online, free, with plenty of material Letting in download free from the same menu downloads. It 'so much material written by hand by me for many years now, all the material which was used for my study. Make it available to all those who wanted free in quantopensoche music is always shared and never a race. Together with many small classes and high definition video that you can find on the site or download, also free, and view full screen and in HD on your PC. Well let me know what you think you come to see him, tell me if you like and thanks ospitarm in such a beautiful community.
this is the link to this online guitar school:

*link removed*

thank you!.
hi Visit my site it's all fo free , a guitar school online, bye!
Guitar School
Youcan download all my tabs, hd videos, and much more!
Hey Rino.

There's a special thread for introducing yourself. Try going there.

Welcome to UG.



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