I went online and searched for tips on caring for a transistor amp and no-no's on what not to do. I didn't find anything; I only found articles on tube amps.

My question is, is there nothing really to do in terms of caring for a transistor amp? Obviously, you should avoid spilling water on it, keep it nice and clean, etc., but there's nothing out of the ordinary?

I'm wondering this because I want to leave my amp in the trunk of my car when I'm not using it, because I frequently travel with it and it's a pain to move in and out of the car. Would the temperature be too hot in the summer / cold in the winter for it?

My amp is a Line 6 Spider IV by the way. Thanks for the help in advance.
would keeping it in my basement along with my guitar work? my basement is cool and it has a dehumidifier going
trnsistor amps are actually very resistant
ive dropped one down some stairs and it only had cosmetic damage
just keep it dry and clean and use the correct power things
first post wasnt serious
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Trunk of a car is a bad idea. So is any place that experiences temperature and humidity extremes. If the humidity in your basement is somewhere in the range of 40 to 50%, then I'd consider keeping it there.

Something a lot of people fail to consider, is that high humidity will effect the sound of your speaker - it's made of paper and will absorb the moisture in the air. Not only that, but high humidity is bad for metal components prone to corrosion.
trunks are the worst places to store, guitars, amps, dogs, cats, school girls.
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There's no real preventative maintenance for SS amps like you might find for tube amps, but I don't know if I would store one in a trunk. Temperature and humidity fluctuations that it might face just seem like a bad idea for almost anything. It could be fine, though.

I would imagine a basement would be fine, too.
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