The first piece of mine I've posted here. Let me know your thoughts and I'll return the favor!

She wears unassuming sweaters
in greens and browns
Toothy grins speak the seduction
of a stripper's smile

She'll laugh a little too loud
And a little bit just to herself
Raise her eyebrows just the right way
Throw her hair
And finish the beer

Orange freckles on coffee with cream
and the hairs on her arms
stand up golden and illuminated
when you touch her like that

The guys cheer for her because she
coyly tries to play their game
She loses and she's still happy
And they're still f---ing intimidated

She repeats her dad and uncle's dirty jokes
but tells them like blowing bubbles
She tells jokes better than you do
She knows she has the upper hand
so she casually brings up football.

Her guinea pig nose wrinkles
barely noticeable
Another drink and,
sly and playful, she says
she's only played poker once or twice..

Her teeth are white
But with the comforting
cream tint of reality, she is genuine,
A product of cleanliness
proof that nature's beauty is in its flaws

She slumps in her chair and her legs,
drape down like beckoning parentheses,
punctuation to the center of attention.
she owns her presence, her sex appeal
she's cunningly aware

She doesn't need to bare it all to get attention
A wh-re of mental integration
and she likes your favorite band
you can't believe she likes your favorite band
and most of all, She likes them more than you do.
All at once,
The world can overwhelm me
There's almost nothin' that you could tell me
That could ease my mind.
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This is really nice, man. I saw the title and expected the worst. Honestly, you caught me off-guard. Touche'.
That was an interesting read i was not expecting that
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