So.. uhm.. yeah. I am having severe writers block at the moment. I think I have a good song down so far. But I can't decide whether I should continue the song through another verse / chorus after the chorus, and then go into the interlude OR if I should just go straight into the interlude.

And even if I decide to go right into that interlude, are the previous riffs any good? And also, I cannot come up with ANYTHING after that interlude part.

Help wanted, and if you help me, I will give youz an e-cookie and a crit if you give me a link. thank you.
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In my opinion you have a very nice groove going on right before the interlude. I think you should definitely continue that part with a more laid back drumming style and perhaps a slight variation on that theme. I don't think the interlude section is developed enough yet to critique it, but I have to be honest and say I don't like it. It's very out of place and doesn't really seem like it's going anywhere. Build upon the other two riffs I say. I think they have a potential.

Also, you should improve the bridge section, and perhaps make it a bit longer. It doesn't really offer a satisfying transition into the chorus. And it certainly doesn't offer a good transition back into the verse if you choose to do so. After going through the chorus and verse two times I would take the verse theme and simplify it considerably and perhaps have the guitar or bass play a solo. Those are a few ideas you could try out; hope I've been of some help.
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