I wrote this literally 5 minutes ago, and I am aware that it doesn't really flow well.. But I'll fix it

I just want to know does it sound cliche? Because if it does I'll stop writing and abandon it

You just had to set me off,
Kissing him before my eyes.
Now all my restraint,
Like your image, dies.

I'll try to avoid cliches,
But it's really what it was

You were an angel
But you could use your hips,
You were my escape
In every faulty kiss

But you were fake, you were late
nd I made a few mistakes
But, I, Don't, deserve this.

(Chorus perhaps?)
We take to the field
I toss my heart
You raise your heel.
And split it apart
Our fire,
was secret,
But not on this field.

Sit and talk,
With the guy you f***ed,
I'll keep my seat in the room,
You used as a stage
To recreate my final days

As a boy who loved, bled, cried and fled,
In his desperate effort to get you to bed.

Run from me with him in your palms (PAMS)
Using him for some sick dark plans.
I won't be dragged into you denial
I love you, but f*** you, you lier.
to be honest i hate these sort of lyrics anyway, but they are no worse than the crap people listen too. cheesy, obvious, whiney and ****ing annoying. looks like your on to a winner.
May not seem it but thats a genuine compliment.