I have a fender lite ash tele made in Korea and I'm wanting to trade or sell it and someone is offering me a epi les Paul standard plus top with new 500k pots, speed knobs and a Seymour Duncan pearly gates pickup in the bridge. My guitar is all stock and I'm not really playing music that has a need for a tele. I'm more into metal and heavier hardcore and all that fun stuff. Should I do this or hold on to it cause I do like the Les Pauls but I'm just not really sure. I know it's all based on my likes and preference but I just want to know what other people would do. Thanks guys
I would sell the fender instead of trading it. You'll more than likely get more out of it. Then use the money to buy a nice guitar that suits your style.
Well I already have an ec1000 for all my Br00t4l playing I just want something else without emgs.