My brother is going to USA next week (for a couple of weeks) and I'm asking him to buy and bring me some guitar related stuff. Well, I already made a small list with things from Musician's Friend and Amazon and was going to send it to him, BUT, I just checked Musician's Friend reputation on resellerratings and it's incredibly bad! Awful! Especially in the last 6 months, the average rating is 0.77/10.

I looked for opinions on other places and nobody seems to hate them that much, but according to the reviews there it really seems like ordering from them is the worst decision one could make.

The link to the ratings and reviews is this one: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Musician_s_Friend

So, please, anyone has bought from them? (especially helps if it was in these last months). In case your opinion is better than the average one on that site, any idea why the reviews there could be so bad? Is there online seller I could be 99-100% sure that what I order will be exactly what I'll get some days later?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
I haven't ordered from MF for a while because of some issues with them not accepting my debit card for some reason. I would suggest telling your brother to go to a nearby Guitar Center for w/e you want to buy. If they have it they'll beat any low price that you can find on the net. Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe GC is a sister company or something of the sort from MF. So if they don't have the item's you want in stock they can order them for you. And if they show up damaged or anything wrong your brother can always get a immediate refund.
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Guitar Center is online and a store, I have heard something about Guitar Center and MF being related somehow. Guitar Center maybe a parent company but Guitar Center usually has knowledgeable staff (however, there are whole threads about idiots who work there). It's better to go to a store than look at pictures online without the store option.
Yeah, yeah

Edit: They are both pretty good, as well as sam ash...reliable, affordable, and such.
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That's .77 from 13 reviews in the last 6 months. Also, generally people don't think to make reviews of sites when their deal goes off without a hitch. Only people who've had something happen to their order complain on rating sites.
Ordered tons of stuff from MF, including a tube head. Never had any problems.

+1 on that mostly angry people go out of their way to post about their experience
Haha, some of those posters sound like complete pricks. Like the guy who voted 1/5 because it took 8 days for his Spider IV to get to his house, and because it shipped a day after they said it would.

Like, seriously? Wtf lol. I'm used to waiting usually 2 weeks for something to get to my house, and if it's a week more or less, it doesn't concern me at all. I buy online really often, and I know how it works... complaining because it took 8 days is bullshit.
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i've made @ least 20 orders from mf & never had a problem. things were here in 3-5 days.
i ordered from gc-nashville 1 time & they sent the wrong thing.
MF has a great reputation going back decades. They actually pay people to scour harmony central to find customer complaints that haven’t been called in and resolve them right there in the forums. But MF is the same company as Guitar Center, and the in-store prices are often lower. If your brother comes to Manhattan tell him to check out the GC flagship store on 14th Street; they have crazy discounts on guitars and pedals.
The only issue I had with an order with them was when my 4x12 cab got dropped by UPS, claiming damage done. MF immediately credited my account, and I ended up buying a Beugera cab locally for the same price.

The guitar, head, FX, etc all shipped in the same delivery and was perfectly fine.