Hey. I'm looking to start out on electric, and I was thinking that I probs won't be able to play an Electric through an amp without pissiong off everyone. So I was thinking about getting a Multi FX unit instead of an amp. I really don't need an amp right this instant. So my question is: Can I use a Multi FX unit without an amp with Headphones?

P.S: I play Metal. Dabbing into Rock and stuff like that.

P.S.S: Would a Bugera v5 be good with a MFX for my genre?

I know your pain. I highly suggest a Multi Effects Processor. I have a Digitech Multi Effects Processor, the RP90 model, and I love it. You can plug and play without an amp and all you need is headphones. It was $100, and has a drum machine, bypass and tuner mode, amp/distortion models, compression, chorus, flanger, phaser, like 10 other effects as well as Delay and Reverb. Also, it has a pedal that can act as a volume pedal, wah, or even control the gain of the amp/distortion model or control the level of the effects. Anyways they are definitely worth the money and wont annoy anyone. As for the Bugera question I cannot hep you.
I have a AX3000G due to its whacked out tones and amazing quality effects for being a multiFX. However, its distortions are quite useless. Personally I'd recommend that or a Boss GT, the GT10 if you can for a balance between effects and distortions. Otherwise, you could get a X3 Live for very nice recreations of the distortion themselves. That's a basic and general outlook on them, just roam around for their more in-detail features and what you may actually need.
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You can use headphones. You can use your stereo. You can use your computer speakers. And generally speaking a 5 watt tube amp is not bad either. I never tried the V5.
I got a zoom G9.2tt. They realy kick ass.

Buy a cheap multi fx processor. I recommend zoom or digitech. Plug it into your computer.

buy a USB guitar (behinger got some nice models espicially metalien) No need to amp or multi fx

extra usb output provides you easy connection with computer + it comes with a cd that allows you to add effects and choose amp sims. just like a real multifx.
also try Amp Simulations such as Guitar Rig/Amplitube. If you dont want to buy the hardware or pedal, you can use software such as ASIO4ALL to reduce the latency.
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also try Amp Simulations such as Guitar Rig/Amplitube. If you dont want to buy the hardware or pedal, you can use software such as ASIO4ALL to reduce the latency.

ASIO isn't going to fix the harsh noise and muddy signal. Unless he already has a high end soundcard, he needs a proper interface. Just sayin.

The V5 isn't good for metal. But I guess you could run a multifx into it and get metal tones, but they won't be amazing.

Yes, you can use headphone with most multifx units. I suggest something from Line 6. Are you looking for a multifx unit, or a floor/pedal unit?

But as mentioned above, the Line 6 XT live would be a great option if you can afford it. (If you want to spend a little more, the X3 Live... if you want to spend a little less, the Floor Pod Plus would be good also)
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