i read through this article http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/how-to-capture-disturbed/ it was exactly what i was looking for but i only have a fender frontman 15g and a digitech rp80 pedal which has everything on it. the issue i have though is the distortion had settings that my amp would have to but i cant adjust it on my pedal. so with the amp being set at 4 bass and distortion set at 8 which i cant do could i just raise my amp bass up a bit. if anyone could try and create a good setting for my amp and pedal that would be greatly be thanked. if the link didn't work this is the main info.

The amp settings are: Master 8; Volume 7; Gain 10; Bass 4; Middle 3; Treble 10; and Presence 9. The cabinet is an Ultrasonic 4x12 with the Mic A/B setting pushed all the way over to B. The Dry/Air setting is at 1.5.

Now we start to get into the pieces that will actually shape the overall crunch that Donegan uses. Instead of using a regular distortion pedal, we are going to use something a bit heavier to give us that heavy top end that you typically hear in his riffs.

I chose a Demon Distortion with Volume 4; Bass 8; Mid 4; Treble 7; and Gain 8.

I added a quad delay with some very low settings; just enough to add something to the back end, but not interfere with the tone while you're playing. Quad Delay settings are Dry/Wet 4.9%; Time 56 ms; Feedback 24.5%; Rate 0.71Hz; and Depth 4.95.

Lastly, I added a Phaser with Rate 0.24Hz; 1.52; and color 0.73. I also put in a Cry Baby Wah that you can use as well.
Dude your best bet is to find an amp model that he plays on ur digitech i think he uses a duel rectifier could be wrong not a big disturbed guy, but any way theres no way youll come close to his tone by trying to copy that article, with your limited gear.
Id just find the amp model and tweak till u come close.
well i ave a perfect metalica setting on my pedal but just cant get that disturbed sound and have tryed for about 10hours i got the wah but thats about it.