Alright brand new song by these guys thats gonna be on their new album. I heard it on the radio today for the first time and my jaw hit the floor I was so impressed. I had it stuck in my head all day after that. I even got online when I got home and illegally downloaded it (shhh dont tell anyone..) I'm so excited for the new cd now. Anyone else heard it and what did you think of it?
This is good song but I don't like Corey's vocals after chorus.... When Corey starts screaming, vocals are muted
Could someone PM me a link to download it? It's not available to download in the New Zealand iTunes store.
edgy meems only friendo :^)
I was very undecided on it when I first it. I was like, sounds like Nickleback. Beautiful song though. Not as good as Mission Statement.
I Like Orange......

Wobble Wobble Wub Wub Dakka Dakka