I'm not really a fan of the vocal style, but it works with the style.

The band sounds tight enough. I actually like the looseness of the performance. It's not so loose that it sounds horrible, but it's just loose enough to be groovy. The only thing is that I'd turn that piano part after the first "chorus(?)" down a bit, since it's a bit too loud in the mix.

Other than that, this is some pretty good shit. I'm not really into ska/pop-punk, but you guys do a pretty good job of it.
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Pretty tight, nice vocals - they suit the music perfectly.
I enjoy it. (:

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This thread would probly be better in the Promote your band section....

But while I'm here, I thought it was pretty goood, Your voice fits the band great, Not quite the style I listen too all the time, but I do like how you guys pulled it off, and I like the happy feel all the songs have, lots of songs don't have that now days...
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honestly, i really enjoyed hearing that stuff, not my usual style (though i do enjoy some bands in your vein) but tight and high energy.