Hello everyone, I'm new to the community here although I've used the sites resources for quite some time now. I appreciate all the great discussions I've seen here, I feel like there is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there that I could benefit from.

That being said I have a question I'd like to see if you guys can help with. First let me say that my guitar playing is intermediate at best. I have played since I was about 14 (33 now) but never seriously. I have gone through phases where I'll play for months and then go an entire year without playing. Every summer though I usually pick it up and start playing again because my dad and I play together. He is a teacher and he hits guitar hard during vacation. I know chords and some scales, but don't have a real grasp of the fretboard or music theory in general. I can play songs like Stairway (minus a lot of the solo) Horse With no Name, Ventura Highway, Copperline... I can play harder stuff like most Coheed and Cambria, Hendrix, some Metallica, a teeny bit of Joe Satriani (minus the fast crap).

I have realised as an adult that I'd like to take it seriously now, start some lessons etc. I need an electric guitar to play the things I like, I have a decent enough acoustic now. I'm just starting to delve into learning about these things. I always thought it was just Gibson, Fender, or Ibanez. I now know there are others out there that people just rave about like Schecter or PRS. I'm considering something like one of those. I see B.C. Rich and Jackson stuff, but they seem a bit TOO metal to me

I like the look of some of the Shecters, PRS, and Ibanez, but I read a lot about how PRS play like Fenders etc. I have played a strat several times and can't stand it. I grew up playing my dads 74 Les Paul and have grown quite accustomed to its feel.

I will be going to the store soon so I can try them out myself. But I'd like to get some input from you guys so I can make the most out of my trip there. Are those other guitars known for playing like Strats? Is there a brand other than Gibson that plays like a Gibson?
The point of there being so many brands, is that each brand feels different. If you love the feel of Gibson's, for example, you have to get a Gibson. That becomes something you can identify with. I would never get a Gibson, because I don't like them. I like ESP, and Ibanez, that's something I'm identifiable by.

It's good that you're going to try stuff out. Just take your time, and really compare all the guitars you play - that way, you'll find the brand that is right for you. Regardless of what brand it is, chances are that they make something that will visually appeal to you. Most brands make many, many models.

But the most important thing when starting electric guitar is discovering what feels good to you. That's what you should focus on for now.
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What's your budget? Also do you have an amp?

You would want something that is versatile but not too oriented to a specific genre.

Ex. you don't want a guitar equipped with EMGs because EMGs are metal-oriented.

If your budget is around the $1000 you could look into a used Gibson Studio or an LTD EC1000 with passive pickups.

The LTD would have a neck a tad thinner than a Gibson, but it's best you try whatever you can. I couldn't really give any good recommendations until you give a budget though.
Esp Eclipse. its got that les paul feel, but with a neck that u can shred on
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Esp Eclipse. its got that les paul feel, but with a neck that u can shred on

If you even took the time to read the TS's post you would know that the reasoning behind your recommendation is retarded. (As in you recommended it for the wrong reason, and I have a feeling you were going for the EMG version too...)

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I can play songs like Stairway (minus a lot of the solo) Horse With no Name, Ventura Highway, Copperline... I can play harder stuff like most Coheed and Cambria, Hendrix, some Metallica, a teeny bit of Joe Satriani (minus the fast crap).

Yea he must be itching to shred.
When it comes down to guitars, it really is your opinion on the sound, I am partial to Gibsons, Schecters, Fenders, and Jacksons myself, but there are so many different kinds it really a matter of preference.

But to start, what is your budget?

For under $300 you can get a Schecter Omen 6 (I have one, playing on it right now, I love this baby)

Or maybe an Epiphone or something...
A lot of the artist you mentioned use strats or superstrat shaped guitars, with the exception of Coheed (gibson).
Find all the guitars you think you'd be interested in, and go to stores and try them out, then pick the most comfortable best sounding one. (:
But if you really like gibson, you're not going to find much else with that kind of feel.

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HA! Sorry about not posting the budget. I was thinking I could swing something around 700-800 for the guitar. I don't currently have an amp, although my dad has an old Peavy from the 70's that needs work.

I was thinking of just getting something small for practicing and maybe moving on to a bigger one as I progress. So, guitar and amp maybe 1000. That's pushing it but I think the wife will let it slide.

BTW, I see that I left a bad impression with the Satch line about "fast crap". I referened it that way because I'm mad that I can't play that good. I call it crap because I suck at doing it. If I could do it, it wouldn't be crap anymore lol! I hope to be able to work up to stuff like that someday, although I think ultimatley my skills will only go as far as solo's like Coheed, Zepplin etc. Just more rock type stuff than shredding.

I love the look of some of the PRS guitars, but they say the Fender is really apparent in them. Yuck for me I think. Thanks for all the replies so far, you guys really jumped in on this and I appreciate it.
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Fender and PRS really aren't anything alike. PRS make several different necks and none of them are like the regular Fender neck; additionally, most PRS guitars have their necks glued in (set neck) while nearly all Fender guitars have bolt-on necks, which give quite a different feel and tone. PRS are actually far more like a combination of Gibson and ESP/Schecter.

That said, I'll echo what Offworld92 said: all these guitars are different and the only way to really know what will suit you is to go out and play everything you can get your hands on. When you find something that feels good in your hands, that's the one to go for. If you like Gibsons, get a Gibson. If you try a PRS and you like that better, buy the PRS instead. If you picked up an Ibanez and you liked that best of all, that's the one you should buy. There really is no right or wrong brand; there are necks which are right for your hand and necks which are wrong for your hands, that's it. Going to store sand playing every guitar there is really the only way you'll ever know which guitar or brand is right for you.
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