Hi, I'm in the search for a new amp and I need your help guys!

I went to a couple of stores today to try some amps, and I really liked the Hughes and Kettner Statesman, BUT there wasn't any rockerverb 50 or JVM 205h to try (the two heads I'm the most interested in, but I've seen them on my local CL in my price range so I'd like to know if it's worth to go try them..)

I need something pretty versatile because I play alternative, modern rock, classic rock, progressive rock/metal, hard-rock, a little bit of metal (Metallica and Megadeath mostly), plus I like to shred from times to times (I love Gilbert stuff)

Budget of 2000$ tops (head and cab, or a combo)

Oh, and even though I haven't tried the orange yet, I just love the look and simplicity of it...
Thanks in advance!