im looking into selling my 4x12 and getting a 2x12

i was thinking either an avatar vintage cab or a two-rock signature cab
the two rock is 8 ohms, and my head has an 8 ohm output so that should work right?
anybody have any experience with avatar cabs?
There's a bunch of people on here who own one and are pretty satisfied. Sturdy, cheap and good quality for what you pay.

I'm curious why you want the Two-Rock, though. Seeing as you own a Triple Rec, I assume you play metal, at least; Two-Rock isn't metal oriented at all.

What about Orange cabs or a Mesa 212? I know the Triple Recs have a tendency to get boomy with the 412s, not sure how it goes with the 212s.
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i dont play metal at all, i play blues rock (john mayer/srv style) and jazz pretty much...i bought the mesa years ago when i did play harder music.

i'm not a big fan of oranges, im looking for something with a lot of headroom