Im having 2 noise problems with Boss GT-6 im using. Im using a guitar to Boss GT-6 to stereo jack lines to a Tascam DP-008 to headphones. There are 2 noises here. One which I cannot effect sounds exactly like winter wind outside of a house. Or a steady windy storm. The other is a buzz/hum. The buzz /hum gets better if a hold the guitar at a high angle above my waistline. When I put my hand on the guitar it gets 40% better, but still non usable for most recording. Buzz is only there with gain above 40%. When I touch metal on GT-6 it is as affected but not reduced.

Clincher: When I unplug my main Power Bar (not the one the GT-6 is plugged into most of it drops off. This leads me to believe there is a electrical grounding problem. The house I live in has old wiring. There is the same noise with multiple guitars and unplugged. Is there a third party product I can buy to ground this thing or shut out all noise? The noise supressor on the GT-6 doesnt even affect it. Also when I unplug the AC adapter from the DAW it changes but not reduced. This has to be an electrical thing. What do I do or buy?!

and whats the winter wind noise?!

I generally record through a Epiphone Dot with shure57 and a Fender Hot Rod Deville... no problems with ground/hum/ air noise with that.

edit... more details: When the guitar is unplugged and the guitar cable is in (ive tried diff cables) the hum gets louder. Also when I run my fingers across the GT6 I can hear it in the hum like running your finger across a record needle. Do I have a bad unit? And would they take a return on a model this old with no registration?
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Your guitar pickups need to be grounded.
I'm on my phone at the moment so the only link I could give you is Google.

Same for your laptop's power source (does the charger cable have a grounding pin ?)
The windy storm thing, unheard of.
No laptop in the room only DAW. Only running off of two power strips in the room. When everything else is unplugged except the unit adapter into the wall or power strip the hum is alot quiter but still no good for recording.

When I plug in the opposite rooms side power strip it gets much louder. Its also affected by turning room light on off, etc. Its not the guitar because when the cable is plugged in (and even when I ground the cable out on something) with no guitar its still there.