I am building a 1x12 cab, thought it'd be a fun and fairly easy summer project/learning experience.
I'm using half inch think ply wood, i found out it would have been easier and better to use inch thick. I cant round out the edges now because the screws are in the way.
The speaker is a jensen mod 12 cause im on a very tight budget and i didnt want to put something expensive in a cab that will be prone to accidents being in a dorm room around drunken idiots lol

I should be routing the speaker whole mounting the speaker this week, and hopefully covering it too if my tolex and grillcloth arrives.
more pics to come
please leave any comments and critiques, i would love advice, mistakes pointed out i can learn from. anything is appreciated.
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looks nice but im not one to know good cab build from bad one but id play through this id play the hell out through this
heres the finished project, finally got around to uploading pics


obligatory foot shoot w/ detail of tolex

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1 inch is overkill.
Not to mention... Killing you.
1 inch would make it too heavy.

Looks cool!
..I was watching my death.
I like that a lot. Looks very professional. I think when I made mine it was made out of 1/2 plywood. All I needed, and it works great.
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Quote by kurtlives91
The shell of cabs are 3/4" generally.

Looks good.

No round-over on the edges?

I don't believe larger than 1/2" is necesarry. For a 4x12" your gonna want the lightest cab possible. Add speakers to the equation, and you've got a broken back.
For me, I have to do it 1/2", Cause...
My studio is on the 3rd floor of the house! I dislike third floor studios greatly. Maybe I'll buy a winch, and lower the amps down that way

He said no roundover cause of where the screws were. He shoulda dove-tailed it though. Woulda been nicer.

The soundboard should be thicker though, to support the extra weight of the speakers, and also the thicker the board, the better the sound.
..I was watching my death.
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the screws were too close to the edge, the router bit would have hit them, i kind of like the sharp angle though,

i plan on doing another build around winter time
i should stick with 1/2"? this cab is really light, i was surprised when i picked it up with the speaker in it, i was expecting it to be heavier.