So I've been playing around with this one for awhile, and finally got the initiative to work on it tonight, I ended up doing a LOT more than I expected, which is a good thing!

Basically, it's not completely finished, but I'm touching up some things and wanted to show it and get some critiquing and comments on it. Obviously I'm not done with the drums or bass yet, but the guitars are pretty much finished and subject to some touch-ups.

As for genre...the project I'm working on it for is basically an experimental tech-death/black metal thing...

Anyway enjoy! C4C and stuff!
Hey man, thanks for the crit and sorry for the delay, I was busy with some personal stuff. So yeah, here it goes.

First riff is nice. Nice harmonization over it and nice skank beat lol. Second riffs is also really nice. The more dissonant part of it (starting at 13) is darker and contrasts really well with the first part. The third riff is really nice, I like it's weird timing. I like your use of not so common chords, really nice. The chord arpeggios at 33 are really cool. Nice string skipping riff at 43, thank god for someone to make one withouth sounding like you average metalcore band. The riff that starts at 43 is really weird,

PS: I'll continue this tomorrow, I'm too busy right now trolling with some friends lol
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I won't be giving a proper crit, but I must say that there's some really solid ideas in this song.
1st 8 bars where meh, but the riff afterwards has this Gojira like vibe to it. Might the rhythmic pulses.

The next part that really drew my attention was that section at 45. The drums are manic, propelling the song forth. You did go a bit overboard with the 16th note tom/snare trade-off. If you limited it to 4 or so bars, it's effect would be much more climatic.

The power chordage and proceeding pedal-point riff are done quite nicely. All that it needs is a decent rhythm section. I would go with something simpler percussion wise, as crowding the airspace with wild drumming kills the mood.

Not feeling 105-112. This is perfect example of what I was just talking about.

But 113, that's quite a riff. I wouldn't mess that at all.

Final-ish riff. Meh. It works, but it just drags on. I think shortening it and condensing the motif of this riff would do wonders.