At best. I don't know why as the headphone out is supposed to be "Studio quality", correct? I'd just like to know if knowledge of mixing or an interface would help with the sound.

It sounds good coming out of my amp, but when I'm recording, the sound is harsher and lacks depth. Check my profile for "Collaboration". That'll show you.

Here's the link: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/nolifeXD/music/play863821

Anyway, any tips for me?

EDIT: Oh, and when I try to do VST sims, it's horribly buzzy and hissy and crackly and bad. Would a cheap interface fix that, too?
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Well for the lead parts, I'm on Red Rec.

Low: Half past 12.
Mid: Half past 11.
High: 12 sharp.

Both pre and post gain at full. I've heard this is BAD, but it sounds good (to me) with the slight delay that I have on it. Helps me get the nice "Petrucci" solo sound I want. That is, when I'm not recording through the god damn direct out..

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention, for the rhythm, it's pretty much the same EQ. Just without any delay.
Are you serious? Damn.. Back to the drawing board. Oh, and btw, I was listening to your profile's songs. What the hell, man. You're ridiculously good.. It sounds a lot like Dream Theater. Are you a fan?
So, you're going straight out of the headphone jack on your amp into your Mic Port of your PC?

Buy an interface. If you plan on just recording guitar, buy a Pod Studio GX and go direct with your guitar. Theres no reason to mic your Vyper 30.
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First off it's the little input above the headphones out that is supposed to be studio quality, and even if it was it's still missing a cab because it has no built in cab simulator (afaik), that might be one reason why your sound is weak. Also chill on the pre gain, you should never need more than 2 o clock. Just get an interface and some nice amp sims, voxengo + impulses, it's a hundred times better.
Ahh.. That would explain it. Well I'm currently working on revamping my entire tone setup and I'm having some difficulties, but I suppose this is good for me. :P Thanks anyway!
Well I'm working on getting a mic. I know that'll sound tons better, but that won't happen for at least a few more months. Any suggestions on cheap but good interfaces I can buy?