you know. i kinda want my bass to sound like steve harris' tone from the early maiden days you know. like the cool sound that his bass makes in the songs and stuff. so do you know how i should like set up my amp to get that tone dude
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Mids way up and the lows down a bit

thanks man but what about the highs?
He uses Flatwounds.

He also has a signature set from Rotosound.
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If you have two pickups, favour the neck, and play down aggressively near the bridge.

A hard attack and you're half way there. A p-bass and new strings helps too.
don't forget low action. A lot of the clank in his tone is from the strings hitting the frets
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And play with your fingers.

I'm not one of these "ololol you pley with a pik you arnet a rael basisst olololo" but he exclusively uses finger style.
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