ok like im good at making poetry and stuff but ive listened to like jap/korean/german stuff for too long and practically shut out and english stuff for a while and now i just cant get the things ive written to sing like they would if they wher written in other languages i dont know if anyone else has gone through something like this unless they just decided to write in a dif language but even though english is my native language i still dont have a clue on how to make the words sing properly ^_^" any help? D: the only thing i can really bring over from the other countries it the music but yah music universal
Ah, punctuation?

Sorry, that was prickish, but I can't help myself.

I'd begin with listening to music with English lyrics. I think it's as simple as that. It's easier to put out something if you're used to taking it in that way.

Once you've begun to hear English-based music, then listen to the actual word usage. There are some really good stickied threads in Techniques that give a primer on meter, cadence, syllabic stresses, consonance, assonance - basically, everything to know to make your lyrics 'sing'. From there it's just practice, practice, practice.