Hey, all! I was hoping that if there is a good samaritan out there that they could perhaps tab out the song in the "You and Your Johnson" commercial on Youtube. It's gotta be one of the most hilarious songs i've ever heard, and i was going to play it for my friends when i go down to see them next week, because we've always had a good laugh when listening to the song. If not a tablature, then chords would be just as good, because i've been trying to figure it out myself, (i've gotten the first maybe 4 chords) and it's very easy to hear the music, but i just don't have the capacity or chord knowledge to figure out all the switches and such... anyway, now that i've thoroughly rambled and confused you ( :P ) here's the link to the video with the song:


Thank you for reading this, and please help me out if you can!
ahh ha ha . that is hilarious. Ive never seen that before. im horrible at tabbing and quite lazy to boot, so i will not be much help, but id love to see a tab of this too.