last night I discovered the (what seem like) wonders of the Boss ME-25. For me with a very small budget this seems to have everything I want for only £140. However I would much rather use my external DS-2 and a couple of other pedals and I was wondering whether you could use the ME-25 as just a clean pre-amp and save each patch with a different effect and then be able to use external distortion whilst still getting all the benifits.

Hope this makes sense

From what i understand:

DS2/other pedals -> Me-25 preamp model -> Me-25 effects(different with each patch)?

Yep, definitely possible
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Man... you should save up for an ME-70.

Those things are sooo ****ing amazing... The 25's don't do crap in comparison. If I had the money...
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sounds sensible, but arent youmeant to have filters like wahs at the start(theres one on the me-25) so would having DS-2 infront of wah change it or due to it being in the me-25 should it be ok?