Snobby, stereotypical, rich kids got around a recorder and thought they would make music.

In all seriousness, we love ska. We love punk. We're uploading more music within the next week as long as our shows don't get in the way. We're playing our third show next thursday and just booked a fourth in Hollywood, CA on the 29th.

Story behind the songs:

Bitches And Hoes: We were listening to the radio while driving around one day and thought about how all the songs on pop radio are about girls and are almost degrading. So we tried to provide a satirical view on it.

Beer: We wanted a song to dance to and get goofy with. So we added a polka beat and threw in lyrics about drinking. A sure way to get the party started.

Check us out

The Disconnected
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I do like your songs, they have a lot of potential. Bitches and hoes is a good song haha.

As a note, I don't play ska guitar, but it sounds like the guitar player is play on down beats. Get him to learn how play on the up-beats, which will give your music the true ska feel.