Hey guys, I'm looking basically to safely turn my fender hot rod deluxe into a head, or something I can mount into a road case (preferably). I just need a few opinions for now..

1. Is it worth putting the time into it?
2. Can I do this and still protect the tubes, and amp?
3. Will the preamp and power amp section fit in a rack?

Thanks guys, if anybody wants to be kind enough to tell me the necessary steps to make this happen, that would be awesome too!
Well basically, what you're going to be doing in a conversion such as this is the following..: (that link above says this too, but in more detail and words! so read that)

Removing the chassis (all of the electronic parts and workings) from the combo enclosure

Removing the speaker wires and putting that output with a 1/4" speaker output jack

Moving the chassis to a smaller enclosure the size of a head.

Making sure everything is regrounded.

and so on....

So is this feasible? Very much so.

Is it worth it? If you need a head where you have a combo, then yes.

As to the preamp and power amp sections fitting in a rack... That's basically what the amp is and I'm pretty sure its all on the same PCB... So putting the electronics for that on a rack with everything else elsewhere would be a very difficult and annoying task for you... unless I got the question wrong...?
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I don't care about the speaker enclosure being in use at all. I just need the amp, to run through a 4x12 so i can transport just the amp section of the combo without the speaker enclosure. So any way I can make that easy, via road case or making a seperate little enclosure. I just want to know how I can use that while also keeping the tubes safe.